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Down in the Dumps?

Down in the dumps? If so, you're not alone:

  • Yearly, 18.8 million American adults (9.5% of the adult population) will suffer from a depressive illness.

  • About 20% of people aged 55 years or older experience some type of mental health issue.

  • Some 80% of persons with depression symptoms reported some level of functional impairment because of their depression, and 27% reported serious difficulties in work and home life

  • In a 3-month period, patients with depression miss an average of 4.8 workdays and suffer 11.5 days of reduced productivity

There is an answer... A natural answer. We weren't designed to be down in the dumps unless we were going against our natural design. Getting down is a signal that something is wrong physically, emotionally or mentally. Our culture moves so fast and furiously, and it's noisy too. In order to remove the primary cause of unhappiness we need to live according to our design.

Depression and anxiety are caused by low activity in the brain's frontal lobe region. Numersous scientific studies show that elements of our modern culture impair our brain's frontal lobe activity. Just what are some of those elements?

  • Poor nutrition

  • Electronic media

  • Non harmonic music (syncopated rhythms)

  • Lack of meaningful social relationships

  • Lack of aerobic exercise

  • Certain medications

Just by making a few changes you can often change your mood. You can learn more by attending our Bentonville FREE Holiday Rescue Seminar on October 31. Please see events on home page.

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