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Robin Jeep is a celebrity chef, forager, and author of The Super Antioxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide.  She trained and collaborated with internationally acclaimed physician, Joel Fuhrman, MD., and has prepared healthy, gourmet cuisine for well-known celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Dallas Cowboy running back legend. 

As a digestion specialist, she knows transitioning from the Modern American Diet (MAD) to a healthy high-fiber plant-based diet can be difficult.  New scientific research reveals how critical our digestion is for physical and mental health.  The MAD diet is damaging our digestive tracts, making it difficult to eat right.   Eating a high-fiber plant-based diet can even restore our health.  But the transition requires some nutritional and culinary knowhow.  Her guidance will enable you to restore your gut and overall health.


Robin doesn't beat around the bush.  Do you want the TRUTH about radiant health? 

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."   Matrix


Nutritaran food is the red pill!


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1. The Foundation

Nutritarian eating style is the foundation for an immune-protective, healthy life. It is strategically designed to provide the most micronutrients (vitamin, minerals, plant nutrients) per calorie. It was created by Joel Fuhrman, MD. Chef Robin, Dr. Fuhrman's former dietary assistant and NEI certified by his Nutritarian Education Institute will introduce you to the dramatic health benefits of this plan. 

2. GI Health

Chef Robin, also known as the Gut Whisperer, has learned effective solutions to calming the GI tract. From her lifelong digestive struggles, she researched and worked with numerous physicians, scientists and other practitioners. This has enabled her to function at a high level. Robin knows how difficult frustrating it can be to transition to a healthy diet with GI issues and she offers solutions.

3. Outdoor Living

Eighteen years ago, in Robin's desperate search for healing she found no answers from traditional medicine. Thus began, out of necessity, her years of research. Learning that our bodies are miraculous self-healing machines led her to question why self-healing wasn’t happening to her. Why is it that wild animals heal naturally and seldom suffer from illnesses? It didn’t take long for Robin to realize we humans had drifted so far from our ancient ways and suffer poor health from as a consequence.  She had to return to the ancient ways. But first, she had to discover those ancient ways. Come, learn the ancient ways.

4. Breath, Joy and Water

There is nothing more important than breath, joy and water. Breath is the most essential aspect of our health and wellbeing. Yet, as the human species we have lost the ability to breathe correctly. The consequences gravely affects our physical and mental health. With just a few adjustments you can reap enormous health benefits. 

You will learn the mental, emotional and physical importance of joy and how to get more of it in your life. Robin will also address the importance of pure water.

5. Microbiome Health

The protective microflora garden within us has been damaged by modern civilization. We have more microbiome than cells in our body. The microbiome determines our physical, mental and emotional health. It even influences the choices we make! When imbalanced, it can contribute to obesity. Our body is a miraculous healing machine and we can shift our microbiome back to a balanced and healthy state which will impact every aspect of our being.

6. Mental Health

We all know what it feels like to fall under the spell of food. What we don't know is how food triggers our brain and creates that spell. All addictions hijack our brain's pleasure center. Modern conveniences encourage addiction to unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices. Social worker Carl Perkins (MSW, LMSW, CPS), and addiction specialist will share how to spring out of the Pleasure Trap.
































We are being assaulted by toxins as never before in mankind’s history.  We have to take drastic measures to protect our health.  GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, industrial toxic chemicals, mold, toxic pharmaceutical medications, processed food chemicals, toxic thoughts, toxic entertainment, toxic education, toxic behaviors and even our own unbalanced natural chemicals pollute us.   


These toxins effect our body and brain in numerous ways: autoimmune diseases, GI issues, mood disorder, allergies, asthma, etc.  Nearly one in 10 American adults suffer from a mood disorder.  Major depression effects about one in 15 adults and contribute to subsequent physical issues.  

Shield your mind and body NOW with Robin's exciting new Whole Food Plant-Based Nutritarian talks.

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Robin provides her services free of charge or on a free will donation basis. She provides Dr. Fuhrman style Nutritarian dietary guidance and patient advocacy for chronic autoimmune and mystery illnesses, often termed idiopathic 

Shop Dr. Fuhrman's supplements, books, food, learn about his retreats and more. 


Dr. Fuhrman's international events are informative and loads of fun.  I was a guest chef presenter at his Newport Beach event.

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