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In 2002 Robin suffered a serious horseback riding accident.  After recovering from the numerous pelvic fractures, internal injuries, and a long hospital stay she developed a serious autoimmune disorder.  Many doctors tried to help but to no avail until she encountered Joel Fuhrman, MD.  This life changing journey set her on a zealous mission to show others how to deliciously manage, prevent and reverse many dietary caused conditions.

Vibrant Cuisine Culinary Nutrition Education

Our mission is to share the good news of health and wellness through delicious Whole Food Culinary Nutrition.  

Nobody needs to suffer needlessly from heart disease, diabetes and many other disorders.  The western world is suffering from a lack of vitamins, minerals, plant chemicals and antioxidants from unprocessed whole foods and an excess of processed foods, fat, sugar, and animal protein.  It is time to get back to our roots and experience the robust health for which were designed!

Our Vibrant Cuisine classes are fun and informative as food preparation is demonstrated and sampled while motivating nutrition science is woven into the presentation.  Hands-on participation is perfect for corporate team building.  


We offer support for providing the ideal practical application of healthy nutrition principles for medical professionals and corporate healthcare programs.  Providing fun and stimulating culinary nutrition instruction increases patient and employee compliance. 

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Patient Advocate and Nutrition Coach

Getting started with a major life change is overwhelming.  


It takes time to replace old habits.  In the beginning, changing your diet disrupts your whole body-mind system. Having a coach is an invaluable asset to your success.  Robin worked with Dr. Fuhrman at his clinic guiding and coaching his patients to longterm success.  


There are several obstacles to overcome.  Did you know that what you eat effects your brain chemicals which trigger your moods?  Food addiction is a common issue that effects everyone who eats processed foods.  This is why it is so difficult to have longterm success through dieting. 

Robin Jeep is a Nutritional Education Trainer.  She has completed the comprehensive course study at Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritional Education Institute (NEI).  The NEI was founded by Joel Fuhrman M.D., board-certified family physician, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods.  His eating-style is all about creating a disease-free life and a long healthy life expectancy.

Your body is a miraculous self-healing machine!   When you supply it with the optimal nutritional environment your body can usually heal itself.  Robin's nutritional education and coaching services will provide you with everything you need to make the shift to superior health and your ideal weight.


My coaching is a collaboration partnership in which we work together to dramatically improve your health. Sometimes optimal nutrition is not enough to bring about healing from chronic autoimmune and other hyperactive immune issues but it is vital for the healing process.  Additionally, I am knowledgeable in guiding people who have food sensitivities, and may need an elimination diet to determine their specific sensitivities.


As a patient advocate with extensive nutritional, gastrointestinal, and medical knowledge, I seek out the most effective treatments and physicians to help you. I am also available to be with you during telemedicine or for in person physician consultations, depending on location. I know the right questions to ask and take notes which which we later discuss. My patient advocacy and nutrition coaching, by phone, Skype, e-mail or in person, is for education, guidance, structure and support.  The following services are available:

Learning to eat as you were designed should be available to all therefore I do not charge a fee for individual guidance sessions but a donation is appreciated.  I will give you all the tools to correctly apply a whole food Nutritarian plant-based eating style in your life.

Individual Session: 

No fee, donation appreciated.



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